Subsidy Sam


Subsidy Sam is a story written by Lyndsey Ward with cartoons by Josh and available as a PDF  download for £5.

Lyndsey was also asked to write a children’s book to counter the wind propaganda that has been allowed into schools. The story is called Tiny the Turbine and available as a PDF download.

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Lyndsey writes:

“Subsidy Sam was written initially in response to the wind industry’s own book for children, Tommy the Turbine. Since writing the story I have discovered that there are other wind friendly cartoon characters promoting the industry to mainly primary schoolchildren with no apparent efforts to teach them the negative aspects of industrial wind development. Following requests from people fighting wind turbines around the world for a child friendly story exposing the very many adverse impacts of this unreliable energy source Tiny the Turbine has now been written.”

For print copy requests or any commercial resale or reuse please email Lyndsey Ward