Calendar 2016

This page will be updated through the year with the stories behind the 2016 Calendar cartoons.


Happy New Year! There are lots of cartoons to start the year. Top left is the “2014 warmist year evah!” where the past year is duly described as the hottest ever by purveyors of alarmist science, and hurriedly caveated by a lack of evidence or statistical significance – seems to happen every year. Below that is a cartoon that is actually from April 2014 but Lew, plus fake data, was in the news in January last year. To the right is a Climate scientist volcano about how Climate change causes volcanoes. Then there is a cartoon on the alarmist and ironically named ‘Skeptical Science’ team who have been confusing multiplying and dividing. The ‘Lies’ cartoon tries to encapsulate the huge discussion around temperature adjustment that seem to made on a continual basis. As James Delingpole says “How can we believe in ‘global warming’ when the temperature records providing the ‘evidence’ for that warming cannot be trusted?” Above and top left is a cartoon about Bob Ward. Lastly there is a cartoon about the very sad shootings in Paris of the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. While many said ‘Je suis Charlie’ in support of the magazine and free speech it contrasted with global warming alarmists and environmentalists trying to shut down the climate debate and silence sceptics.


“I see no caterpillar” was a cartoon drawn for Mike Haseler who runs the Scottish Sceptic blog. You can read his post with the cartoon here. The caveman cartoon post is here. The Nick Stokes defense is a cartoon from 2014 – Nick is a retired lawyer, I believe, and a regular commenter at Climate AuditHis arguments are dry but entertaining. The “No more labels” cartoon was drawn for Amelia Sharman who was completing her phD in 2015. There is an article to read here and her paper is here. Lastly a Patchy cartoon posted here which you can read about here.


Cold isn’t it. Top left is a Richard Bett’s cartoon who came up with a great analogy for the climate – a ball bouncing down a hill. It’s a reminder of how many simply don’t understand what climate scepitcs are saying: yes, we are in a period of warming but there is no evidence it is anything dramatic or catastrophic. So, of course, the ball bounces down the hill but the only calamity is climate science losing its credibility by not being able to predict or model anything useful. Nice metaphor though. Next is a sad cartoon about the eagle killing abilities of wind turbines and how both RSPB and the National Trust ignore this  but think Fracking might cause ‘wildlife disturbance’. Below bottom right is a Green blob cartoon. and to the left a ‘Climate Change by numbers’ cartoon to help the BBC programme of the same name. The Andrew Weaver cartoon appeared on Climate Audit about this story. Finally, bottom left, another Climate Audit cartoon, also on BishopHill.


From top left, a name change for Realclimatea message to the Pope as he writes his environmental encyclical, the abhorrent consequences of divesting from fossil fuels, and bottom right, solar panels working at night, Lastly, bottom left, Sheep Mountain, one of my favourite cartoons of the year. The skyline is the famous Hubert Lamb/IPCC graph showing a medieval warm period and little ice age – mendaciously bulldosed flat in recent years but now back.


Top right is a little portrait of the wonderful Freeman Dyson drawn to link to a great video interview with him about the greening of the planet. Below that Alan Rusbridger, editor of the Guardian, steps down, presumably to Hades. Below Alan we celebrate the pollsters getting the UK’s General election completely wrong. Bottom left is a dark cartoon about how the UN’s Climate change mitigation policies hurt the poor. It’s immoral. Above we have a shy science cartoon – climate scientists seem to get bullied into agreeing whatever alarmists say. The main central cartoon, ‘Fishing for Sturgeon’, was drawn before the General election – somewhat prescient I am glad to say. The video link ‘General Affection’ song is well worth a viewing.


Top left is a cartoon for Dominic Lawson’s prayer for our times. To the right is Elon Musk Parfum de Blob, the stench of Green subsidies. Doom is next, or imminent, The Radio 5 transcript is here. I added a small portrait of Richard Tol on the far right – no story but he does have great hair and is another interesting voice in the climate blogosphere. Beneath that is a cartoon done for Anthony Watts. Bottom left is D.E.N.I.A.L. News, which stands for  “Dont Ever Name It A Lull”. It could also stand for “Damn, Everyone Noticed It’s All Lies”.


July starts, top left, with a request cartoon for a Daft Blader, which appeared on WUWT. Next is a Ken Rice (ATTP) cartoon Burn before reading. There was much excitement from the Met Office on Hottest Day Evah! and Fracking Green underscores the sheer horror of wind energy when compared to fracking. Lastly the strange world of John Cook, who likes to pretend he is Lubos Motl.


This month has a big caricature of Nicolas Stern, a lot of fun to draw. Obama made the news with more green waste. Some sadness at the Met Office as they lose the BBC contract. And finally a bit of a Climate carbon scam. BAU, as they acronym.


Late but not forgotten, just busy! Bottom left is Stern being rebuffed by Cameron, who is no longer PM. How time flies. Above is Desperate Dana on being the ‘right kind of wrong‘. David Appell visited Bishophill. We got a proposal to provide an even dumber version of the IPCC report. Finally, we have the Volkswagen emissions cheating story – a global swindle of epic proportions – sounds familiar.


I had fun drawing Jeremy Corbyn this month – no idea what he really thinks about environmental issues and climate change. Interestingly according to Gavin’s Vin-o-proxy the Medieval Warm Period was twice as warm as it is today. Top right is a caricature of the The Governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney – he can see into the future. The Pause was also in the news this month. Again.


A dark month.  The NHS Junior doctors strike was much in the news last year along with the UK Gov’s Health Minister, Jeremy Hunt, who, oddly, doesn’t seem to like NHS doctors very much. The ‘Pray for Paris’ was an image drawn in response to the horrific Paris attacks on 13th November. To the right, Michael Mann leads the charge after a strange Huffington Post article suggests we should fight terrorism with Climate Change policies. Below is a cartoon commissioned by the International Climate Science Coalition about how climate policies seem to be about the rich west looking good while ignoring the world’s poor. Lastly, a cartoon in the centre about how everything bad is due to climate change.


As I write CPO22 is starting – last year’s CPO21 was a historic because all the countries in the world came to the momentous and brilliant agreement to do very little about climate change. Of course they will meet for a big party every year to see how everyone is getting on – so the cartoons I drew for GWPF last year still applies. You can download them all here. Next is a caricature of Prince Charles who had been repeating the duff linked between the crisis in Syria with weather/climate change. Climate expert James Delingpole puts him right. And, to end the year, the planet wishes you a very Happy Christmas!