Calendar 2015


Tim Yeo appears often appears as a pig – here are a couple more
‘Bathing in Innocence’ and ‘But I want to carry on’.
The main cartoon is about the ship Akademik Shokalskiy which was in the news for getting stuck
and going nowhere, much like the Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming movement.
Ed Davey, UK Gov Energy minister is seasonally daft.
Boom – Wind turbines are noisy and
The Royal Society goes all coy


From top left we have a cartoon about Chris Smith of the and Julia Slingo making excuses about the UK floods.
Emily Shuckburgh gives us a comic turn at a UK Gov Climate Change hearing.
On the right I ‘meet’ xkcd – one of the wittiest and most minimal cartoon creations on the internet.
Bottom right is cartoon about the long running Mann vs Steyn story.
In the centre we have the ‘Weather on steroids’ – a lovely metaphor alarmists use despite a lack of evidence.
Bottom left we have the SkS kids new ‘Hiroshima’ bomp app.


The main story is about fracking and the Ukraine, as relevant this year as it was last year. Read about it here
The other stories involve Lord Deben, the BBC and lots of Michael Mann refugees, who also gets a special award, links to the story here and here


A little bit of toilet humour top left, sorry about that. Then there was, for me, a hopeful sign that the climate science might part ways with alarmism.
Mike Mann appears in medieval garb. and, another hopeful sign, it seemed like more fracking and more nuclear was being mooted.
Lastly, bottom left, Ed Davey heads for oblivion – spookily possible with the General Election fast approaching.


Record Sea Ice month!
We start on the left with some helpful stickers for scientists so they can be included in the glorious 97%
Then there’s a cartoon about how one of Judith Curry’s posts needs thirty people to rebut it.
Then there’s the good news (we presume as Alarmists are always worried about the Arctic sea ice melting away in the summer weeks)
that there’s record Antarctic sea ice. You will notice a slightly different cartoon posted here as I tailored it to a story about Bob Ward’s tweets
Lastly a small cartoon featuring Christiana Figueres who spoke at St Paul’s Cathedral – you can watch the event here


This month we have an Infotoon, on the left, about how much renewables cost us compared to the cost of saving millions of lives around the world.
On the right there is a Dorothy cartoon about the amazing adjustments made to past temperatures.
Bottom right, a cartoon about Greens flying around the world. A lot.
And finally another cartoon comment on the cost of renewables – this time diesel flavoured. Eeuu.


It’s nearly August! 4 cartoons. One about the confirmation bias at the BBC (no surprise). Another on a huge pile of eco-rubbish.
Then one about George Monbiot’s current crie de coeur – ‘rewilding’. And lastly a cartoon on the BishopHill troll ATTP, now known as Ken Rice.


It’s a Richard Betts month! Richard works at the UK Met Office provides much inspiration for cartoons mainly because he
is brave enough to actually engage with sceptics, on Twitter and at Bishophill, something which I, for one, appreciate hugely.
The central cartoon was in fact a request from Richard to draw something on his paper in Nature on soil emissions.
On the right is cartoon linked to this story.
The cartoon on the left is of Richard poking the climate to no effect – which I think is backed by current evidence although alarmists would have us believe otherwise.
The final cartoon, top right is Richard again confessing he does not believe in climate models. And so harmony breaks outs 😉


Top left The Road to Paris, or COP21, a big Climate Change conference/party for lots of bigwigs, and now in 2015, nearly upon us, more here.
The Union, a cartoon I drew because I love Scotland, my homeland, and didn’t want it to leave the Union.
The Pause Chocolates, desperate excuses piling up.
Finally, more thoughts on the pause aka hiatus.


The Pause, now 18, wants a car – that’ll be a VW then. Richard Betts, Tamsin Edwards and Ed Hawkins are on a road trip, slowly.
And lastly, Naomi Klein looks out of the window.


Irreversible, a comment on the inhumanity of current environmentalism.
I created a text graphic about changing minds – again on The Pause
(I think it might be on WUWT but I cant find the link at the moment.)
There is a ransom note from the IPCC and a fanciful thought about where Climate Science might relocate


On the left, a Christmassy cartoon.
Walruses and Global swarming – much more fun than Global warming.
Lots of sceptics met in Bristol to hear Mike Mann – it was a fun occasion and gave us the world’s first Climate Selfie
There are also some cartoon notes of Mike’s talk.