Calendar 2014


Fifty Shades of Grey Literature celebrates Donna Laframboise receiving three USB sticks with draft versions of most chapters of the IPCC’s AR5. You can access them at Donna’s site here. Chris Huhne was also in the news but we were not allowed to say anything…much.
Julia Slingo gave us the Schmearcast and Al Gore continued to make money


Chris Huhne again, but this time he says he’s guilty. James Annan says scientist lie about Climate Science for political ends – told you so!
The journalist David Rose really ticks off Met Office scientivists, mainly because he is right. Paul Ehrlich gets all of a Twitter and finally… a cartoon which is only on the calendar. I took some notes at a meeting and this was one of them. The cartoon summarises
the fifth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report and it’s good news!


Blackout Britain is about the danger that energy from renewable sources could cause blackouts – review at GWPF.
The Smart Meter looks smart for some, just not for the people who need it. Climate Change Burger – the news early last year was full of horsemeat in food stories.
Seemed like rather a good metaphor for Climate Change as Roger Pielke Jr pointed out Bloomin’ Secret. Apparently some people are a bit embarrassed about meeting to chat about Climate Change


A good month for cartoons. April Fools comes from Roger Pielke Jr again and features the usual suspects.
Tamino, who is know for his folk singing as well as his climate stats blogging, brings us a heap of well known tunes.
Zombie Science  was inspired by Steve McIntyre’s sleuthing. And last, ‘Scooter’ Nuccitelli gets tooned up.


Homework. The SkS boys like the ‘D’ word. Now they get their own D for their latest postings.
Nigel Farage is much in the news, is popular and brings a new perspective on Climatism. Good for him.
The Royal Society reveals its ‘voting’ procedures. Mad. Gut Feeling.  Apparently Climate Scientists base their statistics on ‘gut instincts’. Gosh.


The main cartoon this month is a spoof of this one which I talk about here.
Doug Keenan gets a page in the ‘Wrong Files’, see here, and
Andrew Sims of the Guardian seems to think 40 years of cheap energy is a concern… hmm.


As a Scot it has been hard for me to see the countryside and its wildlife decimated by the wind turbines that Alex Salmond loves. Grrr.
Over on the other side of the world Murry Salby is found doing science and promptly disciplined for it.
Bryony Worthington is apparently in the House of Lords.
Guess what Greens will use as back up energy? Mad, just mad.
Finally we learn that Dana Nuccitelli (of SkS Tree Hut fame) works for Tetra Tech, an engineering company including oil and gas – how ironic.


Met O££ice cartoon about the non-significance of Global Warming.
Chicken Little cartoon about the well adjusted GISS temperature record.
The Tree Hut Gang help out Al Gore with Spamvertising and lastly a bonus cartoon of The Alarmists shopping basket which
I think might be posted on the Internet somewhere but I cant remember where!


A fracking month. I posted all these on BishophillFract Sheet 1Fract Sheet 2 and Fract Sheet 3,
plus an Epistle from Balcombe.


Shockingly I have not updated this page till now (2015) so this is a bit ‘for the record’ – many apologies.
The Leo Hickman ‘Into the Wild’ and Bob Ward ‘Alien’ cartoons are here 
and since then Leo has moved on again to work for the  Carbon Brief blog.
The main cartoon, ‘Frankenscience’, is a comment on the desperate measures needed to get some non peer reviewed papers into the IPCC’s AR5, posted here 
The Green Deal cartoon story is here and Patchy is here


Lots of cartoons! Bloggieopathy, another Leo Hickman cartoon. Hold your nose
Getting ready for IPCC AR5 and Tim Yeo, again.
How IPCC scientists answer questions
Another John Cook survey


Finally, a cartoon from earlier in the year but one of my favourites Climate Control Knobs
The Climate Change Barometer and Rotten to the Core.