Calendar 2013


The central cartoon is of Richards Betts (@richardabetts on Twitter). The BishopHill post is here. Richard is one of several scientists from the UK’s Met Office, who are widely respected for their friendly, open and positive discussions with climate sceptics. He also liked his cartoon.

The other cartoon story links are as follows:
The Green Agenda • Climate Homeopathy • Desperate Measures • Too Big To Know


The main story this month was Fakegate and concerned Peter Gleick who confessed to
using a false name to obtain and then leak documents about Heartland Institute finances,
including one of which was clearly fake. Leo Hickman of the Guardian leapt on the story at first but became slightly exposed when it was clear the whole story had been made up.
But it seems that Climate Activists dont think lying is a bad thing and were happy to say so.

In other news someone thought Windfarms only made cash register noises. Also this month was the happy news that the Himalayas had lost no ice in the last 10 years.


Three stories this month. Opengate  is about the exposure of Skeptical Science’s secret forum.
The Fakegate story continued with a cartoon for a post at Climate Audit.
Michael Mann launched his book to much  media hype, but I felt he was being set up as bait for something that would eat him whole. Like facts.


The first cartoon ‘Hype’ is here. The ‘Expert Opinion’ cartoon compares Climatology to some other soft ‘ologies’.
Lastly, James Hansen is gently led back down to earth – read about it here.


I blame the day job for my leaving it till the 29th May to add links for this month.
However as all climate sceptics are highly intelligent you will have realised that most of the stories
are on the BishopHill blog. Here are some links to the original stories: Sir Missalot about Muir Russell not finding/investigating very successfully is here. Vermin Supreme (a name not made up by me) is here.  Myles Allen features here and finally ‘Lying to Parliament is here.


I might as well add June while I am here.For Hockey Stick-o-matic, here, you need maths apparently so it is worth following  the links to Lucia’s blog The Blackboard to find out why. Interestingly the paper this cartoon refers to was retracted shortly after bloggers started looking at the paper – citizen science at work.
Peter Gleick is all at sea here.
Then a couple of cartoons from earlier in the year. Big Green is here and, lastly, Winegate is here.


Again apologies for being late in writing up July – again the day job is to blame.
The first cartoon on the Catastrophe Particlewas in part inspired by all the news coming from CERN,
but also the usual doom mongering from The Guardian newspaper.
The Maze cartoon was for Hilary Ostrov and her post here on the United Nations – well worth a read.
The third cartoon shows Ed Hawkins and Richard Betts trying to do some proper science amongst
the scams and swindles that pass for science and policy – I think they are becoming increasingly
uncomfortable with this environment, at least I hope so.


The first cartoon celebrates the wonderful London Olympics with a what Climate Olympics
might look like. There was an extra one for Steve McIntyre’s excellent talk in London at GWPF.
The pig cartoon is about Tim Yeo’s very obvious conflict of interests and his comment asking if David Cameron was a ‘man or a mouse’. James Hansen makes up stuff here and George Monbiot has his seasonal arctic sea ice crisis.
I wonder why he is so quiet this year, maybe due to the increased sea ice we have at the moment, ref here.


Another late entry. The first cartoon is about how much Wind Power there is globally. Rounded down to the nearest number. Then there is a chap called Lewandowski who seems to be making up consipracies. I guess that is what consipracy theorists do.
Lastly there is a very useful ‘Help a Climate Scientist’ leaflet.


There are just two cartoons for October and the first did not appear on any blog.
So it is a Calendar exclusive! It shows the kind of letter any sceptic might get from Big Oil.
The second cartoon appeared here on BishopHill after a demonstration in London from a small number of people in dark coats and green hard hats. I think they wanted more green jobs or something. The trouble is, as we know, such jobs are fleeting, expensive and economically daft.


A very fun month. We had 28Gate, when we realised that the BBC’s climate science reporting policy
was made up by activists. Shocking. We had Obama none too worried about Climate Change. Gergis tried doing some hockey stick science, but failed, – her paper was withdrawn. And lastly one of my favourites. The evidence for Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming.


The planet story comes from a great article called ’17 Reasons to be cheerful’ by Matt Ridley. You can read it here. ‘This Sceptic Isle’ summarises the debate between Alarmists and Sceptics and you can read the post here Turbine cartoon appeared here. The general view around this time was that the days Wind Turbines – eg here