Lockdown Life

With the present Corona virus pandemic, economic slowdown, lockdown and social distancing I have been drawing more cartoons about this than anything else. So here is a page of cartoons, the most recent is at the top.

3rd April. The Gotcha press are tediously asking stupid questions or trying to score points. I would add a Facepalm emoji but that’s probably not allowed.
2nd April. Wise words from the bard… well, almost.
2nd April. Health workers are crying out for masks and other protective equipment. Experts say masks (for the public) don’t work. Which is a pretty confusing message.
1st April. Apparently people are being questioned by Police over their day to day activities.
31st March. Protect your health workers. I have shopping on my mind…
31st March. The Essential Shop. It is very important to show just how necessary and healthy your basket is. Officer.
31st March. Somewhere to put those non-essential relatives.
30th March. A spoof of a semi famous cartoon by Joel Pett (my apologies) which made the excellent point that climate change might be a hoax but at least we would have a cleaner, better world, etc etc. Sadly it turns out that climate change mitigation trashes the environment. Now we realise it would have been wiser to have spent money on preparing for a possible pandemic.
28th March. Derbyshire Police try to shame people for going for a walk in the hills. Bizarre.
26th March. Fenbeagle on Twitter observes we are juggling with death with impacts on the economy vs impacts from the virus.
26th March. London Mayor Sadie Khan cuts the transport service to a ‘Weekend Service’ and wonders why they are now overcrowded. Not a popular move.
25th March. Piers Morgan shouts a lot in the politicians directions. I am not sure this is essential work and maybe he should self isolate. For the good of the nation.
24th March. Try to keep a safe distance at home.
24th March. It looks like the virus is causing the global economy to topple over a cliff. H/t John P.A. Ionnidis for the elephant idea.
23rd March. News of deaths and self isolating. Sad times.
20th March. Schools close. Tough for Climate School Strikers.
19th March. The crisis is real – why are some still playing politics?
18th March. As many people stockpile toilet paper (why?) maybe we should keep calm.
18th March. Sadly some environmentalists seem overjoyed at the pandemic. Many thanks to Nathan Caton for the Extinction Rebellend name.
17th March. Drastic action required as we contemplate weeks, maybe months, of Lockdown and social distancing.