09.00         Opening ceremony

09.30         Session 1: Changes in Climate and Weather

Chair: Pamela Matlack-Klein

09.30         Christopher Essex: Climate: like atomic physics where we are the atoms

10.20         Coffee break – with posters

11.00         Piers Corbyn: European weather in the last years – extreme or normal?

11.20         Nils-Axel Mörner: Atlantic Ocean circulation and Gulf Stream beat

11.40         Maria da Assunção Araújo & Pamela Matlack-Klein: Note on the Portuguese Sea Level Project

12.00         Michael Limburg: Can we trust time series of historical climate data?

12.20         Karl Zeller & Ned Nikolov: Earth + Solar system data and scientific method = New climate science

12.40         Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller: Implications of semi-empirical planetary temperature model for a new
understanding of Earth’s climate history

13.00         Lunch: break for 1.5 hour

14.30         Session 2: CO2, Climate Sensitivity and Greenhouse Effects

Chair: Jan-Erik Solheim

14.30         Francois Gervais: Cooling of climate sensitivity

14.50         Christopher Monckton: On an error in defining temperature feedback

15.10         Camille Veyres: Eleven facts you must know to avoid being deceived by the AGW

15.30         Edwin Berry: A fatal flaw in global warming science

15.50         Hermann Harde: How much CO2 and also the Sun contribute to global warming

16.10         Hans Jelbring: Regional greenhouse effects – based on observational evidence

16.30         Coffee break – with posters

17.00         Ray Garnett & Madhav Khandekar: Increasing cold weather extremes since the new
millennium: an assessment with a focus on worldwide economic impact

17.20           Albrecht Glatzle: Livestock’s role in climate change: Do we need a shift of paradigm? (poster)

17:30         Philip Foster: Being wrong can have serious consequences /The Nile Climate Engine

17.40         General discussion-1 including: Student’s ask questions

Moderators: Nils-Axel Mörner, Pamela Matlack-Klein & Maria da Assunção Araújo

19.00          End of Day-1

Day 2: Saturday, 8 September 2018
09.30         Session 3: Forcing functions in Climate Change

Chair: Thomas Wysmuller

09.30         Piers Corbyn: Mechanisms of weather extremes and climate changes (including long range forecasting)

09.50         Henri Masson: Complexity, causality and dynamics inside the climate system

10.10         Pavel Kalenda et al.: Calculation of solar energy, accumulated in the continental rocks

10.30         Don Easterbrook (ppt submission): The cause of Little Ice Ages and climate change

10.50         Roger Tattersall & Stuart Graham: Climate change: solar-interplanetary forces – not human activity

11.10         Coffee break – with posters

11.40         Jan-Erik Solheim: The length of solar cycle as predictor for local climate

11.00         Harald Yndestad: The climate clock

11.20         Nils-Axel Mörner: Planetary beat and sea level changes

11.40         Nicola Scafetta: Toward a better understanding of natural climate variability

13.00         Lunch: break for 1.5 hour

14.30         Session 4: Further observational facts, interpretations and geoethics

Chair: Karl Zeller

14.30         Thomas Wysmuller: The fall of IGCP’s sea-level rise

14.50         Antonio Silva: Relevance of present sea-level changes to coastal risk

15.10         Maria da Assunção Araújo: Greenland: some simple observations on ice retreat and climate evolution

15.30         Cliff Ollier (ppt submission): Ocean acidification is a myth

15.50         Peter Ridd (ppt submission): The Great Barrier Reef, climate change and science

16.00         David Block: Salt and albedo

16.20         Conor McMenemie: The Nile Climate Engine

16.40         Coffee break – with posters

17.10         Howard Dewhirst and Robert Heath: Letter to the Geological Society of London

17.30         Aziz Adam (ppt submission): The politics of global change

17.40         Benoit Rittaud: Some historical cases of erroneous scientific consensus

18.00         General discussion-2

Moderators: Nils-Axel Mörner & Pamela Matlack-Klein

Jim O’Brien: Announcement

19.00         Closing: Christopher Essex & Maria da Assunção Araújo

Postlude: Christopher Monckton

19.30         Cheese & Port Mingle