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Top left is a cartoon on the Green blob’s fear of Trump and his sensible attitude to fossil fuels. In the centre is one of my favourite cartoons of the year “Are EU Green?” – a mad cartoon for the truly mad outcome of renewable energy targets – burning protected forests. To the right is James Delingpole, climate expert, and all round brilliant journalist who week by week incisively uncovers the rottenness of Climate change and the Green blob. Bottom right is a small cartoon at a talk – I forget which one! The idea is that the man made contribution to CO2 levels is like… And on the far left a lovely lump of coal – Mother nature’s battery.



Left, a story about Greenpeace knowing what they were saying was fake news, up on WUWT here. Top right, is a cartoon about a fascinating video with Judith Curry, Roger Pielke Jr, John Christy and Michael Mann testifying before Congress in which Michael Mann is less than frank. Bottom right is how to create a climate science graph using El Nino and El Nina – always big up the El Nino 😉 The last cartoon, in the middle, is Climate 101- a take on a picture that was tweeted around that time.