I have been invited to to draw cartoon notes at a Climate Conference in Porto, Portugal. You can read about the programm, titled “The Basics of a Changing Climate”, at this link. It is to be held in a few weeks time in early September, 2018.

While at the conference I plan to produce cartoon notes of every talk. The notes are a great way to communicate what has been said and should be a useful way of publicising the conference to a wider audience – let’s hope so!

I would be very happy to go but I will need to pay for travel and accommodation costs. If you can help, however small an amount, please do so via the link below.

Thank you so much!

By the way, if you have recently donated via Watts Up With That then please dont worry about donating again – I am using those funds too.


Thanks to all who have donated, I have now been able to book travel and accommodation. Any more donations will go to covering the actual work involved both at the conference and afterwards. Again thank you!

Donations are via the Paypal button below – it is safe and easy, and can be done from anywhere in the world. All donations go to a Paypal Business account but all the funds do reach me and are much appreciated.