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In the meantime here are some very kind words:

“No doubt lots of people have great drawing skills, a fine sense of humour or good understanding of science. But Josh is the only person I know who has all three.”

Matt Ridley, journalist and author of The Rational Optimist.


“For all of us involved in the deadly serious, incredibly complex and suffocatingly technical debate over climate change, Josh has performed a unique service. His brilliant cartoons have sent constant little shafts of light through the fog. He follows the arguments, he knows the names, he draws like a dream and he makes us laugh. In a world where we are expected to take charlatans like Al Gore, James Hansen, Michael Mann, Lord Deben and Ed Davey seriously, his deftly witty comments put it all in blessed perspective, in a way for which we are all in his debt.”

Christopher Booker, writer and journalist


“Josh’s calendar is not only the perfect present for the evil climate change denier in your life but is also the perfect present for winding up the maddening, sanctimonious, scientific-method-shunning, green catastrophist in your life. Apart from being brilliantly drawn – they actually look like the people they’re supposed to look like – Josh’s cartoons are also funny and accurate. So: get Josh’s splendid calendar now.”

James Delingpole, journalist, blogger and author of Watermelons.


“The essential accoutrement for every climatologist’s office”

Andrew Montford, author of The Hockey Stick Illusion and host of BishopHill blog