‘All you need to know about Climate Change… in cartoons’ celebrates 10 years of cartooning since the Climategate story broke. It covers climate science and scientists, uncertainty, weather, energy, politics, the Green Blob, the BBC, climate heroes, the environment, renewables, fracking and the future. And it still manages to be a mercifully short and easy to read book with, of course, loads of cartoons! 

It is the ideal Christmas present to encourage any sceptic and to challenge alarmists everywhere, while entertaining everyone in between. It is available for £14.99 at Lulu and should be on Amazon, other online retailers fairly soon.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

For the book launch in November I am selling copies at a shocking discount of just £10. The first 120 books have been signed on the 10th anniversary of the first Climategate post, 19th November. You can buy a copy with a calendar on the Calendar 2020 page.

If you wish to buy a signed copy on it’s own please use the options below. Please note I have to add a small charge for post and packing. Books are now being posted out.


My other two books are about Wind energy and were written by Lyndsey Ward. They are Subsidy Sam and Tiny the Turbine. I am hoping to be able to sell the digital download for all the books soon.