Calendar 2018

This is the Calendar 2018 page. The calendar has sold out but if you still wish to buy a calendar I can print single copies to order and can let you know the cost.


We start the year with a cartoon of none other than Simon Reeve on the BBC’s Arctic Live programme. This year he has been in trouble for telling fibs about Reindeer decline. Last year he was telling us it was warm in the Arctic. Next we have snowflakes getting all shook up by President Trump, something that seems to have been happening all year – at least they are in a safe space. On the right and on a similar theme we have ‘The Inconsolables’, how America voted for Trump despite all the alarmist rhetoric and damage to the environment – maybe it was because of it. Below that a cartoon on the infamous ‘alternative facts’ phrase used by Kellyanne Conway – we have had a whole year of them. The final cartoon is one from the end of COP22 in 2016 – a plea for the main issue in climate, money.